Wayne Finally Gets A Track With Eminem

Eminem is going to be on Lil'Wayne new album "Rebirth". On a track called "Drop The World". Its been Weezy wish for a long time to do a track with him and Eminem. But the day "Rebirth" drops is the same day as Eminem "relapse: The Refill". I found this information on rapbasement so it probs true but the track list for rebirth is not amazon yet.


Nnamz said...

i want to get it if eminem and weezy are gunna be on a track
i bet its going to e fire.!

MalibuMara said...

lol i think em is an amazing lyricist i admit i didnt always like him and his earlier stuff but this relapse album is nice,

ps that wasnt the interview lol its tomorrow haha

Nas said...

i heard that eminem isn't going to release the relapse: refill. Don't know why.

jaassnnaa said...

love eminem <3