Big L - Tribute

Im listening to my ipod and Big L freestyle with Jay Z pop up. So I thouht I do a post about on the great Big L. Who got shot in 1999. If he was still around to day he would be on top. First Big L is from Harlem which is an area i new york. He was such a gifted emMc. But only made two albums which were Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous and it was made in 1995. Its got JayZ on one of the tracks. Its a young Hov on there. Its a dope album and in 2000 his second album drop. Even though he died in early 1999 they put his album out a year later though. His second album was called The Big Picture which had tracks wit Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, 2Pac and Dj Premier. Then album of all Big L best work which is called The Archives 1996-2000.

The Return of the Devil's Sonwhich should be dropping 2010 its all of Big L work which has not been on albums and its tracks which are very underground. Some might have been heard. but not many of them. It off his early and late music. Its a mixture. So its like what they done with 2 Pac and Biggie Smalls after they died make an album off there hidden music. Anyways back to Big L he is was a very know artists in the 1990s he done tracks with Nas, Ma$E and many more. A lot of time people qustion who is the king of New york? Biggie Or Big L. Which is coming in a later post one day.

This is a crazy freestyle of Jay Z & Big L. It was made in 1992. So it very old but pure gold. I put it on a post like 2months ago. Just check it out.

This is video of a documentary which is dropping next year all about Big L. Its a trailer of it. It looks dope and its about Big L past and his what he done for hiphop. Also how well know he was from artists. To me if Big L made more albums he would be up there as one of best of alltime. Such a great artists.

And give it up to Diggy Simmons for his mixtape which is droppin to night. Also I just want to say NAS (MATH) & JIMMY DOING A DOPE JOB ON THE BLOG.


B.Magic said...

One of the true G.O.A.T. but my dj'ing is going good ive been working on my music projects my group and my solo so thats what ive been doing im looking to up grade on my Dj stuff though but great post

Nas said...

thanx for the shout out much appreciated

crowned king music said...

krazy they both went in on that freestyle