Nasty Nas

There aint much happening nothing in hiphop so im out of ideas of a post. So I thought I do a post on one of the dopest mc all time. NAS. I might done poston him before before. But as its Nas I could do like 20 on him and it still would be good. Well first Nas been around since the early 90s he first started in 1994 as illmatic drop which is his first album. It is one of the best albums of alltime to me. He killed every track in it. And at such a young age and do a album like it was it shows how good he is. He was hailed as the next Rakim which could added pressue on him. But in the late 90s he was on top his game but then him and jayz had beef with each other. It started that JayZ sampled Nas voice on one of Jay Z early tracks. Then they started dissing each other and in finally ended in 2005.

Other key things in 2006 Nas droped "hiphop is dead" its an album showing what hiphop is all about. I agree with the title 100% as at the time hiphop was dropping. This album was needed to make hiphop back on top. It rised from this. Nas called it this as at the time he had artists like Kanye & Lil Wayne who were adding a new type of hiphop. Which was good but we still wanted the old style. So Nas thought of doing this album. He was not hating on no one just wanted this style back. Artists lik Krs One & DMX agreed with Nas on this album. Then in 2008 Nas had the best album of the year to me it was called "untitled" he was not allowed to call it what he wanted to. But this album was dope and hot. It showed Nas had still got it.

To me Nas is one of the best rappers of all time as he is got his own style and its the way he does his music. With Nas only at 36 he is still going strong and he made 9albums since 94. Nas is lyrics are better than anyones to me. I would say he is equal to any other or above them. Only a couple artists you could argue Nas with at that level. Just watch out for Nas as his album with Damian Marley dropping next year. I still think a solo album from him could also be dropped. And this JayZ & Nas Diss Fiddy & Beanie Seal. Nas Is one of a kind to me. Is is a god to hiphop and to me. He inspires me to blog at time when I listening to his tracks.

Last thing I wanted to say. Give it up to Nas(Math) he is killing it with his blog everyday by dropping latest news on hiphop check out his blog. http://mathclassheroes.blogspot.com/
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MalibuMara said...

thanks for the shoutout!
this is a good post :)

JUSTIN said...

you know Micheal Reiziger? Played for FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Ajax. I've met him last year i met alot of footballers though.but he played with Ajax against my own club were i play. that was dope. And Nas is one of the best! keep it up and thanks for the shoutout man!

JUSTIN said...

thats dope! yea i did some sketches ive been on some winter clothing lately maybe i'll post some scketches soon

Nas said...

yeah we trying to get to 100 followers. Hate Me Now is the best Nas song.