You know I had to do my own city. And you know I know every rapper that's ever come out of philly but I aint gonna waste my time writing em all. Some of these dudes are my cousins and I've met some of em. Some notable philly rappers are Black Thought of The Roots, Cassidy, Freeway, Beanie Sigel, Eve, Meek Millz (upcoming dude you'll know him), Young Chris, Gillie Da Kid & Will Smith (Can't forget the Fresh Prince). I could keep going. Come on we underrated.

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K.Brown said...

I live here in philly , there has been alot of rappers to come out of philly but none have really reached the success of NY rappers ( my Hometown by the way) Philly.. we really have to step it up, but i think meek millz can do it tho.

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