I know DJ AM died a couple of months ago but I have not done a post on him yet so I thought I would. He was a great DJ, some of the videos of him are dope as. Very well know he was. He worked on some of Will Smith albums. He even DJ for Jay Z at a event. Also he worked with Travis Barker alot of the time made mixtapes with etc. It was never sad day when everyone heard DJ AM died. If any you on watch "Cribs" on DJ AM tour of his house he had over 900 pairs of trainners. Thats CRAZY lol.

DJ AM & Jazzy Jeff

Jay Z Speak About DJ AM

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MalibuMara said...

hey whats up? ive been good,
i like this post AM was cool its sad he had to die from a drug overdose while he had a show on mtv trying to help people get over thier addictions