CRAZY IS THE WORD. 50 Cent To Join Nas & JayZ?

Jay-Z, 50 Cent And Nas To Record Song?

I just went on rapbasement and saw 50 Cent is reported to join Jay-Z and Nas on there up in coming track "Empire State Of Mind" remix. Im not 100% on this if its true or not. But if it was it would be crazy. As I thought Hov got Nas to diss him and beanie seal? Fiddy had diss Nas "Piggy Bank" track a longtime ago.
But if 50 Cent does this track does it mean Beanie wont be going to sin for G unit records?

This video is one I found on youtube of Jay Z & Nas dissin Fiddy last year.


MalibuMara said...

i thought 50 talked shit about jayz recently?
idk, but anywho,
im going to ask him to do it on my birthday and the interview will be next week too its DJ superfox shes amazing DJ from New York

JUSTIN said...

uve been sketching thatswuddup haha? thats dope man what did u come up with?

JUSTIN said...

thanks,u just need to feel and find you inner creativity lol.. when i start at it i can go on and on i got so many ideas and stuff and sometimes i just go freely with it and that works

Nas said...

ok man i'm dropping 3 new posts in the next 2 days.

Nas said...

I don't know if the song in the vid is official