Nicki Minaj- A Classs Act.

I done a post on nicki minaj like two months ago and people were saying nicki needed to improve etc. but now in the recent months and weeks she been putting out some dope music. I dont really do many posts on female rappers as there not that many out there at this present time. I think she is dope and very talented and she behide youn money which is good as that label going places. With the likes of Weezy, her, drake and other on there.

She is a newyork queens girls which queens have had some great artists from there. She is killing the tracks she been in lately most are remixs, freestyle or guest in a track. But math or jimmy put a post up a couple weeks of freestyle from hiphop adwards and nicki kill it in the video. Check her in these tracks.

Nicki Minaj Album drops next year and im sure it will be dope and hot.


Ms. King said...

me & my bro was jus talking about her the other day...I think she's ok

TOXiC said...

Honestly I'm not sure if she rights her lyrics or does Wayne or w/e writes them but for a GIRL shes super Duper NICE! her album better go Sliver i wud say Platinum but in this day & age that's pretty much impossible.