Friday Night Session

My blog got deleted again I don't really know why, but I considered quiting the blogging. Can't do that so I'm back posting again. I just figured I'd post a couple of songs that I've been feeling that have dropped this week.

Wale - Breakupsong

Definitely always good to hear some new Wale so here you go.

Also always good to hear a new J. Cole joint and he added a few bars to this R&B dude Miguel's song.

Miguel f. J. Cole - All I Want Is You

New Tyga song with Chris Brown rapping. Now that I think about Chris Brown isn't that bad of a rapper.

Tyga & Chris Brown - G Shit


Fleezy said...

songs are dope bro, but you still looking for beats? tell the person who needs the beats to check my blog out

Tommy The Fashionist said...

tyga is aight

HipHopCulture said...

I dont understand why they delted your blog Nas. I would say just keep blogging on this blog as it is our one init.

peace man

M.B.S x R said...

what is the name of the media player on your blog that plays the songs