Young And Old Happening.

There aint been much whats happening in Hiphop lately well today and last couple as well. Thats why featued artist post been in last couple of days on the blog. But I seen some good things to put in this post so stay tuned.

Jay Electronica x Mos Def – A Lotta Bangers Live In New Orleans
I dont have to go in to much detail for this video as its two great artist doing there thing live.

Pharrell Williams – Kevin Lincoln Interview
I know a lot of people know Pharrell for this clothing style and his line but I look at him in another way more. Not saying I aint in to his style and line as the yare dope. But he is a great music producer and done wonders on albums he work on. Also im a big fan of N.E.R.D which he speaks on in the interview. N*E*R*D album will be called Nothing. Wonder if Rhea is still gonna be in the mix.

Common – Syracuse University Freestyle
He is one of the most under rated rappers around, this is a great freestyle and Common asked the audience to yell out a word, which would be heaven. He then proceeded to do an actual freestyle off that word.

And finally B.o.B album The Adventures of Bobby Ray which drops in a couple of months list is on the interview. Which he got features on there of Lupe Fiasco, T.I and Eminem which does not surprise me. As B.o.B is a great talent and young still so know wonder why them kind of artist are on the album.

Peace People.


Tommy The Fashionist said...

interview with pharrel is dope

Somina B. said...

this blog goes hard, i must say it nice to see a hip hop blog that actually talks about REAL hip hop. keep it up kid

-Somina B.