Whats good people? I wanted to do a mix of a post today but I did not have the time to do it. I was going to do an album of wu-massacre album but I will do it at a other time. So I think its got to be hiphop news with latest videos etc.

Dr Dre in the video confirms the track with Jay Z ad the title for it. Its called under pressure and speaks about the dre headphones. Cant wait for this track.

Swizz Beatz is ab producer who im getting in to at the momment such a talent I feel. He makes some great beats for artist. This is an itnerview which he speaks about his new album and producing for artists in up incoming albums.

Lupe Fiasco Introduces Common At UCI. What an video.



MalibuMara said...

great post!

crowned king music said...

that dre and jay-z is gonna b real dope

Tommy The Fashionist said...

i need to get me some beats by dre