The Barbie - UPDATE.

Nicki Minaj has pulled out of Rhianna Last Girl On Earth tour with Ke$ha. She put up on her twitter that she had pulled out to work on her first album. To me its a good idea as the album needs to drop but going on tour with great artist like Rhianna would help her alot. Her message she put on her twittr is below.

Bfore Nicki pulled out this video was on the internet of Rhianna announced her Last Girl On Earth tour. And said she was taking Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha for the tour.

So whats next for Nicki Minaj well its to finsh her album and tracks in he next few months coming up. Hopefully it will drop soon I cant for it. We saw her drop Massive Attack which is the video below this. That was an dope track but the video was abit crazy. Im finding it hard to find information about her first album she making but im guessing it will feature some artist on it. Maybe some of Young Money I dont know.
But I cant wait for the album im looking forward for it.

As we all on albums in this post in te next few days I will drop my top 10 albums im looking forward to this year and reasons why for the choice. Also I will find information and some dates when the albums are going to drop.

Peace All


MalibuMara said...

im glad bc i only wanted to see her rihanna and ke4ha are wack lol so i wasn't gonna go, i hope nikki goes on tour with someone cool or byherself

Tommy The Fashionist said...

massive attack was crazyyyy

Anonymous said...