Kanye Beats?

DJ Premier has said “Kanye’s New Album Is Strictly Hard Beats And Rhymes”. The picture below is the text from a magazine interview with DJ Premier. Which he talks about Kanye and his work at this momment.

Abit more about Kanye West album. Kanye is ensconced in his Diamond Head, Hawaii home and recording studio, putting the final touches on his forthcoming album with guest rappers like Q-Tip, RZA and Pete Rock, numerous reports have confirmed. A source close to the project -- which is tentatively titled "Good A** Job" according to G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean -- says it will be released in June
Video below is Pete Rock talking about Kanye West below.

Speaking of Pete Rock after I drop a post on him the other week I fund a dope video.
The Making Of Pete Rock Soul Survivor (1998) which was one of his album. Yu must check it out if ya in to beats.
Watch live streaming video from worksofmart at livestream.com



Tommy The Fashionist said...

i love kanye

The Ghost of Nas said...

we all want that classic kanye. i mean 808's and heartbreaks was dope but we need another college dropout