Drake Quick Success?

Many people know who Drake is as how quick its took him to be at the top. I mean I never seen a hip hop artist like him, well he has raised to the top of hip hop so quick. I mean he is only 22 years old and look how good he is. Jay-Z wanted Drake on his album and they made a couple of songs together. Lil Wayne quickly signed Drake up with Young Money Entertainment Record Label a couple months ago. He went on tour with Young Money but injured himself on stage.

Drake had some mixtapes before he had his first song, which people say his mixtapes are great and you could tell he would be a star. In 2007 Drake has a song called Replacement Girl ft Trey Songz which was big and it was on his mixtape called Comeback Season. That was his second mxitape. He made his first mixtape in 2006 called Room For Improvement. 2009 has been a big year for Drake with "Best I Ever Had" came out and everyone has heard that song. I think its such a good song. He has got his third mixtape coming out this month called -So Far Gone. Also has had singles out called "Successful ft Trey Songz and Lil Wayne" and he made "Forever" which had th likes of Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem. That track was big and I think Drake and Eminem was the best in the track. Drake first album sould be out next year and its called "Thank Me Later". So whats next for Drake with his next mixtape and album coming out I think they will both will be class. He will be a star in Hip Hop. What you all think about him?


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ag said...

i love drake he is very good!

Ryann E. Vasquez said...
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