Jay-Z Gets Diss ?

Has Jay-Z been dissed by T-Pain? This week rapper Fabolous has supported Jay-Z to still be at the top of Hip Hop even though he is 40 soon. Fabolous also said that with Jay Z it does not matter how old he is as he is that good. Which T-Pain did not agree with and when he was at a night club in Las Vegas. He started saying "fuck Jay-z" whilst he was doing djing.

I think that T-Pain is saying the wrong stuff about Hov. As Jay-Z is one of the best rappers ever. I think that T-Pain just wanted to say his view about Jay which I dont agree with, does any one?
With Fabolous backing Jay-Z and supporting him this could have made T-Pain do the comments he said. I think Jay Z wont respond to T-Pain as it doesn ot have the time. As he got his new album coming out this week. It seems more people are saying stuff about Jay-Z like The Game has been in past months. He been trying to make a Fued with Jay Z.

Othernews if you want to hear a dope song Jay z ft Kayne West - Hate. Its off the blueprint 3 and it has leaked over the internet. I think its a great song.

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