What you all think of this song, its got some hiphop legends in with Nas, Krs One and Rakim. And a hip hop star of kanye west. But people say Kanye should not be in the track. So what do you think should he?
Also got to give it up to DJ Premier he is a hiphop legend. DJ Premier is the best hiphop producer ever I think. To me Krs One kills it the best, but every one does a good job.

Krs one is class, his first album was dope and its called "criminal minded" check it out if you never heard of it. Rakim he is a complete hiphop legend, him and Eric B in Paid In Full Album is one of my favs of all time. And Rakim has got a new album on the way "the seventh seal". To me Nas has got better and better in hiphop as with his first album ever "illmatic" it is a classic and I dont know no one who does not like it. When Nas does hiphop is dead I understood the message he was saying about hiphop. And Kanye West has done everything in the last couple of years in hiphop. Fair play to Kanye I think he is dope at the momment.

So what you all think of this track, its been around for like 2/3 years now.


scell the swagg man said...

r u goin to follow my blog

Anonymous said...

yeah he shud ye killed that song

Anonymous said...

ur welcome

JUSTIN said...

you got some dope blog urself man !