Russell Simmons - Hip Hop Icon

Russell Simmons is one on the well know names in hip hop. He first found a rapper called Kurtis Blow who was one of the first major rappers. He found kurtis in the early 1980s and then latter to find Run D.M.C. Which had Joe Simmons who was Russell brother and gave him a nickname of Dj Run. Also in Run D.M.C had Darryl Matthews McDaniels who is D.M.C the second rapper and he was Joe Simmons best friend. The last person in Run D.M.C who was Dj Jam Master Jay who was the Dj of the group. The group was a trio with two rappers and a DJ. Russell Simmons came up with the name Run D.M.C.

Run D.M.C became the greatest hip hop group of all time and with out Russell Simmons help it would never of happen. As he was able to find them a record label. Before he made his own which was Def Jam. He made Def Jam with Rick Rubin which they both were co owners of def jam. In Def Jam he signed other hip hop acts as LL Cool J, Public Enemy , Beastie Boys and many more acts. I think hip hop would never have been the same with out Russell Simmons. He made it to what it is today.

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