First Post !

This is a blog all about hip hop from new tracks to clothes to graffiti. I think hip hop fans will like this blog as its going to be about lots of different things inside hip hop. Like whats new in the hip hop world, well we are just about to have Jay Z new album out this week. Blueprint 3 will be great and its got on it from Kanye West to Pharrell to Alicia Keys. We all know what Jay-Z can do but I have a feeling this will be one of his best albums. At the momment Jay-Z is one of the best rappers in the world or not the best. I am looking forward to see what Jay-Z and Pharrell will be like. In other news in hip hop 50 Cent got a new video out called Flight 187. What you think of it?


Tammy said...

Cant wait for that cd to drop

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hadij:) said...

nice blog ur new huh please folow me
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The Life Of The Trend Setter said...

cool new blog.
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