Artist Spotlight: Bo$$, Nicki Manja......TAKE NOTES!

Hey! What’s going on everyone? So HipHop told you he had some collabs in store, and he wanted to work with me, and I was all game for that. I’ll start out telling you a little about myself; the name’s Jimmy, fan of HIP HOP, STREET WEAR, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN THE TWO. So let’s cut this shit out and get to some rap music already!

So HipHop brought you Nicki earlier as one of the top female emcees in the game, which I’m not going to dispute, because she’s got bars for days. But I wanted to put the spotlight on my favorite female emcee of all time, and who I believe is the best hands down when it comes to the females spitting rhymes. Let me present to you BO$$!!!!!!! If you know who she is, major props to you. She was way popular way back in 93 and had a hit album in “Born Gangstaz”. She also reigns from Detroit, so shout out to my city for that one. Basically though, she laid down the whole blueprint for the gangster rap female of today. Her style is RAW, GRITTY, EDGY, AND GUTTER, and it really puts you in that horror scene, where a true gangsta rap song can put you. Although her career came to a untimely end, when she revealed after her album released that she was actually from a middle class family and went to a private school. Then the game spit her out, and her talent just washed away. That just goes to show you how much the game is changed up from then, we can have correctional officers rapping with Nas, and Jay-Z on Opera (SMH, wish we were back in 93).

Anyways check her videos out below, the production is crazy and features some beats from Eric Sermon & MC Shan among others. Also why I rate her so high on my list, is that she actually writes her shit. So many females in the game don’t even write…….COUGH (Foxy Brown). Also her flow is crazy and hits hard with the metaphors, and brings emotion, WHICH I AM ALL FOR.
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Was Em influnced at all by this music video? Worth a thought. "Deeper"

Always had those gutter music videos. "Recipe For a Hoe"


HipHopCulture said...

Dope man

MalibuMara said...

fashion in hiphop is a good topic,
im not really that big on urbanwear but lets see what happens,
when btw?

MalibuMara said...

im going to busy putting together what i want for diggy's blog,
and i dont want them at the same time

MalibuMara said...

oh i do,
sorry if it came off that way
its just stressful trying to plan his stuff bc i want it to be really good
at the same time,
most likely the week after i will do a post on yours about some fashion
im just not sure what because id feel bad writing in an area i have minimal knowledge
i will most likely do a fashion post
is that ok?

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Anonymous said...

I remember BOSS... she was ill! Recipe Of A Hoe was my shit my uncle used to bump her ish!!! Yoo, and If you like BOSS you will most def like this new female rapper La Femme Nikita her voice and how she spits reminds me off BOSS she is way prettier though but sooo gangsta!!! I first saw her last year around this time on BET Rap City spittin a freestyle when I Googled her I bacame a fan!!!