This is a post of momments in hiphop which have made it for me. I want your view on it.
Letss get this started then.

Lets kick it off with a DJ called Grandmaster Flash. Turntables was the first part of hiphop. This man took it to a next level. He was one of the first major hiphop acts to get signed to a record label in late 1970s. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were the first big thing in hiphop.
you could say they started it even. Well I do. They were the first ever hiphop act in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They were entered in to it in 2007 and Jay Z was person who inducted them in to it. Grandmaster Flash is a god to me.

Next Run D.M.C they are my favourite hiphop group of all time. I think turn hiphop. I mean they made it bigger. They effected nearly everyone. Run-DMC/Aerosmith collaboration collapsed the distance between rock and rap. This made people think how people hiphop was. The collaboration was such a big hit. I think its a dope song. They hiphop on two a new level.

Rakim & Eric Paid In Full. When this drop people could not stop talking about it. Such a dope album and shows how good they were. Everyone in hiphop knows about them and the album. Eric B. & Rakim's Paid in Full made hip-hop a true art form, doing for rap.

Nas - Illmaitc. to me its the greastest album ever in hiphop. every track on it means something and its dope. It took the whole hiphop world by surpised. Everyone was like who Nass in 1994? But now everyone knows him. DOPEE it change hiphop.

Thats just some.

Peace Everyone


Anonymous said...

i love this post

Anonymous said...

can u also follow my team member Joycelynn's blog, thanx

Jevon said...

all true, have u herd that Nas song the Message.. that song is hard man. Check out my freestyle.

Jimmy said...

Great post, Rakim and Nas will always be those dudes.