Jimmy's Jay-Z Concert

Here's what's everyone has been waiting for my concert post for the Jay-Z college tour. Let me first start off by saying the show was completely ILL AND OFF THE CHARTS!!!!!! I would also like to throw in a revised addition to my review on BP3, I'm moving it up from 3.5 to 4.5 Scholastic Pennies! So where the fuck do I begin haha?!?!?!

My first stop of the day was at my street wear spot MOTIVATION where they had Wale showing up before the concert to sign autographs and such. Wale seemed like a very cool down to earth dude, and although a little rush he tried to make everything genuine. I would also like to throw in this was 7:15 PM and the show started at 8, so I ended up missing Wale and J. Cole performances, which I'll live with, cause I met the dude, which not everyone can do.

Then we showed up to the Convocation Center just in time for NERD's performance! First off let me say that the female in the group is what this groups been missing, expect NERD to reach a completely other level with her. They performed all their hits and just the whole place up for Jay. Another cool thing they did was they had Pharrell perform "Drop it Like It's Hot" which was especially dope.
Now we have the Jigga man himself, I can't put into words how hype the place was when he got on, so I have a little video here of him performing "Run This Town" as his opening song and him coming on stage, or through the stage I should say, haha watch him come up.

So he performed a bunch of his hits and just completely made the place his own. the only complaint I had was that he didn't do any songs off reasonable Doubt, which kinda pissed me off, but I got over it. It's still one of the best concerts I've ever been too. What was also cool was the Memphis Bleek made a appearance and did a few songs with Jay. Also Pharrell and J. Cole both came on to due the guest appearances they had in their songs. Which kinda made me wish for a miracle the Eminem might show and do "Renegade" with him, we are right by Detroit you know. But that didn't happen, but just the thought of it makes me grin.

One of the last songs he performed was Empire State of Mind which was absolutely crazy! Crowd again hyped as all can be! One of the coolest things he did, was put on a Detroit cap that fan through up on stage and gave his NY hat to the fan. I got a quote from the show right here:

"I don't do this often, so y'all better take some good pictures," he said before donning the Tigers cap, sideways as always. After mugging for the audience, Jay-Z returned the favor by tossing his all-black Yankees cap to the fan who'd just given up his ball cap.

"Fair is fair, right?"

All in all it was a great show, and a night I'll never forget. I'm going to end this with on line from me:

"Just remember if a kid from Marcy projects can make it here, you can do anything."

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Jimmy said...

I only met Wale, J. Cole's flight was delayed and he couldn't make it. Wale, J. Cole, NERD, and Jay-Z all performed. Pharrell, J. Cole, and Memphis Bleek all performed songs with Jay-Z.

CRB FRE$H said...

That show was so clean. I didnt even relize that was you at motivation, my bad bro. But how sick, we met wale!

HipHopCulture said...

Ya both so lucky to have gone lol


Anonymous said...

man i wish i would,ve met Wale.

Anonymous said...

naw but maybe some other time

MalibuMara said...

thats pretty BA i like them all :)
too bad you were late but you met them so i guess that cool too :D

Jimmy said...

@CRB Fresh

haha, yeah I didn't even know that was you. This show was just completely ill.

@hip hop

Yeah, just shoot me a email or whatever, I'm down for whatever

Lil Dee said...

damn ... that had to be fun... nice shows