Check These Out!

Whats good everyone? I thought I would a post to tell people about my favourite blogs. These blogs im about to talk about are great and genuis.

First http://scholasticstreetsense.blogspot.com/ this blog is great I think. Its always got new posts and they are always dope. It always has different posts on it and it could be about hiphop, fasion, etc. I like the blog alot, So I got Jimmy (its his blog) to start writting on my own. He knows so much about hiphop as well. Check it out.

http://malibumara.blogspot.com/ To me this is the most fasionable blog your ever see. It has class posts and dope pictures on it. I think the blog got something speical about it LOL. I love reading the posts on it. Trust me check it out. If ya lik faison your love it.

http://illwillblog.blogspot.com/ I always check this blog out. It has posts everyday about the hiphop world. It always got latest music and interviews videos on it. Shows a new style to hiphop blogs I think.

http://mathclassheroes.blogspot.com/ This blog is dope. Everytime I go on it has some think new on it. I think it can be random at times but it makes it dope. Always something new on it. It could be music, fasion ort art. A great blog I have to say.



Jimmy said...

thanks a lot for the shout out! I'm going to post something up on mine later tonight, and if you want I can cook something up for yours. But you just posted a couple, so I don't know if you wanted to let those sink in or not.

Anonymous said...

thanx for shouting out my blog.

Ms. King said...

great blogs...I luv MalibuMara

MalibuMara said...

aww thank you i seriously love hearing when people like my blog thats why i made a post like this to show who else i enjoy :)