Puff Signs Ma$e Papers.

Rapper Ma$e finally got his freedom papers signed to day by Diddy. So now Ma$e is able to make a new album and sign for a new label. Many people thought Ma$e would sign back with Bad Boy Records but he did not. I think reason was he wants something new and a change. So these "freedom papers" is getting Mase out of his Bad boy Records deal. So does this mean Mase will drop a new album next year?

What Ya all Think?

I want him to I think he is very gifted, also I want to see him on his own away from Diddy and the family. As it could mean a new type of MaSe. Im looking forward to see Mase.

What Mase does best!



Gfather435@hotmail.com said...

dat song was the shit. did u send me a request to join ur blog too.

Gfather435@hotmail.com said...

yeah but its my friends email address so i have to accept it tommorow i never check it.

MalibuMara said...

oh no,
i think the book can help out males and females alike,
they have advice from males and females in the book,
and when you think about some of the most influential people in the fashion industry are...men.

Futuristic_TomBoi said...

i didnt even kno he wasnt released.. damn. I always did love mase..