He Crushed Elvis & His Blue Suede Shoes

Jay-Z surpassed Elvis is record on having most number one albums as a solo artist of all time. Elvis was on 10 but as blueprint 3 was number one. It means Jay Z has got 11 number one albums in a row, how great is that. To me this is dope as it showing the music world all about hiphop and how big its getting. Its History to me as it could been anyone type of genre to beat Elvis record.

But it was hiphop and it has not been around as long as well others have. Like Rock & Roll Or Jazz. So it showing how hiphop is getting bigger in the world. And it was the one and only Jay Z who broke it. I could not think of a better person to break the record. As Jay Z puts so much effort in his music. As without Jay z we would not be as big. Im speaking about hiphop. Jay Z has made hiphop get bigger.

Im not saying Jay Z is the only one in hiphop who does it. But with him doing something as big as this it makes hiphop get more notice in the world. Then it leads to more people getting in to hiphop world. So it shows what something like this will be for the hiphop world. Also I have to give it up to people like Grandmaster Flash Bambaataa, DJ Hollywood, Run D.M.C they started hiphop as a whol. They made it get bigger and bigger. Just like Jay Z as with this.

What made me write something like was I was on GlobalGrind and saw Russell Simmons article on Jay Z. It made me want to write about it and how the same style he done.
So what next for hiphop as a whole, to me its going to keep gettin bigger and more fans. And the culture of it will improve and improve.

Jay Z you have showed what Hiphop is and what you done for it.
Everyone can tell you love it!



MalibuMara said...

thank you, yea ive been studying fashion merchandising,
want to be a stylist and eventually do visual displays and be a buyer.

matt1simmons said...

heyyy watsupp....?
and yeaa i know its been awhile i have jus been really busy with alot of things but im back up and running...lol

Anonymous said...

True, Jay-Z is the greatest

Ms. King said...

Jay-Z is the shiznit...

Jimmy said...

Good post, Jay definitely one of those dudes that your going to pay attention to when ever he does something.

Rosevelt Macintosh. said...

i love this man ..