1. Tell us a bit about yourself ?

Well my name is reginald poulard I was born on dec 8 1989. I'm from long island, ny. My nationalty is haitian. I currently go to john jay college. My major is law. Right now I am working on my mixtape called a discret gift which will be out during spring.

2. What was the first ever hiphop song you listen to?

My first hip hop song was 2pac I get around

3. What was the first hiphop album you brought?

The first hip hop album I bought was cam'ron confessions of fire

4. Is their any artist in music who has inspired to become an hiphop aritst?

Yes there are many such as 2pac, biggie, nas, jay z, big pun, big daddy kane, slick rick, kool g rap, snoop dogg, big l, and eminem

5. When you made Team Blackout what were your thoughts about it?

I was like cool now let's get to work to make it happen

6. What hiphop artist could you compare yourself to if you can?

That's a good question I probaly say nas and big pun

7. Can you tell us about your mixtape which you are currently making?

The mixtape I'm making is called a discret gift. Its all about inspiration and life. I wnt this mixtape to help ppl who have low self esteem I wnt it to help ppl who wnt accomplish a dream. I wnt this mixtape to everybody in the struggle.

8. What is your favourite song team blackout has made so far?

Well thus far paper chaser is my favorite song

9.Has being in Team Blackout change your life in anyways?

Yes it did. People notice me now. They don't even have to know my name all they have is" look that is that boy from team blackout"

10. Team Blackout work with Rockwilder on "Lights Out" what was that like?

It was great he taught us a lot about swag and lyricism

11. In next year what can we expect from Reggie as a solo artist and Team Blackout?

In the next you can expect a mixtape frm me, jojo, and zach. Each of us is dropping a mixtape
Stay tune for it.

12. Finally this is the last question is their anything you would like to say the readers?

Always put God first. Stay humble and real. Team blackout is in stores now and my mixtape called a discret gift is coming out soon. Follow me on http://twitter.com/teamblackoutReg


Jimmy said...

These interviews are SICK! we should all work in bringing people to interview to this blog. Also for future ideas, you should ask them for a top five or top three favorite emcees. Now that would be dope.

HipHopCulture said...

Yeah I could do Jimmy, You should get on twitter more I been chatting to some dope dudes about hiphop LOL.

MalibuMara said...

thats pretty cool,
so are they still recording and stuff bc he's going to school?

Futuristic_TomBoi said...

yea reggie was always my favorite
their music isnt so bad but you never really hear to much which sucks

MalibuMara said...

yea next monday im posting on diggy's

MalibuMara said...

well i like your music posts,
maybe you should do some upcomming artists and more music videos that are new,
or like a review of some cds that are comming out and what you rate them

drewbreezzy said...

Cool interview! Can't say I am a Blackout fan though.