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This is a post on hiphop as a whole and my blog. I just want to tell everyone about some stuff going in the world and the blog. First im going to start of with the blog. This month been a very busy one on the blog and it been very successful. I got two new members to the team who are Jimmy and Nas/Maths. Both got blogs. They are doing wonders for the blog so far. With them on the team its on the next level now. Jimmy adds a part to the blog of fasion and depth to hiphop world. And Nas/Maths adds a different style of hiphop which is dope as hell.

Well thats enough about the blog. Yes talk about hiphop as a whole. I think we seen so many different things this year so far. With people like Drake, Wale, Kid Cudi coming in to it. Which is great as it always to see the next stars of hiphop. I like all three of them. Also their a lot albums coming out in the couple of months. Rakim, Game, Wale, Lil'Wayne,Snoop Dog,50 Cent etc. I cant wait im getting all of these albums. I been speaking to a lot of people on the state of hiphop. Everyone is saying the same thing its going forwards. Its been three years since Nas said hiphop was dead. So if you compare it in 2006 to now. It came so far forwards and its back at the top to me. I think a lot of it has been because Eminem and JayZ have came back in to. I downloaded Lil Wayne new mixtape called "no ceilings". I really think it was a good mixtape.

Thats about it for me with this blog. This blog has got alot more things coming to it like Interviews, Top 5 MCs, Hiphop Momments, Albums & Books Reviews Etc. With the new team we are able to do more posts and it makes the blog better. As it gives more depth to it. So I think this next month for the blog will be great.



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JUSTIN said...

yo whatsgood.. i dont really got only 1 fav designer man i got some designers on the right side of my blog who i look up to but it are so much more than only those people man.. and yours are/is?

MalibuMara said...

hiphop isnt dead
i nominated you for an award :)
check my blog to get it.

MalibuMara said...

just 7,
you can nominate me again lol but you just pick 7 blogs,
i was like omg thats alot haha but its kinda fun

JUSTIN said...

bought some fresh new sneakers like the adidas x jeremy scott wings (silver edition) those are fly man.. and u? i also think btw that u can add asher roth to the list of coming in to it

crowned king music said...

THANKS FOR THE COMMENT MAN.what is your e-mail i would like to interview you for my blog

Jimmy said...

We're doing BIG things!