Turntables In HIPHOP

This different king of couple blogs I be doing in the next week. Everyone knows rappers in hiphop. But not DJs, SO I think I going to do a couple of posts on DJs in hiphop. If it was not for DJs their would not be hiphop. You could say Grandmaster Flash made hiphop. He made the turntables an instruments. My favourite DJs in hiphop are likes of Jam Master Jay R.I.P, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Grand Master Flash , DJ AM, Scott La Rocks, Eric B, Dj Preimer, etc. Many more I been watching videos on turntables all weekend. I might get a pair early next year when I got money lol.

But people think its easy to DJ well Cu and Scratch and mix. Well check some these videos out they are dope.



Gfather435@hotmail.com said...

alright well i've joined expect a post tmrow

Jimmy said...

Turntables are a lot HARDER than what you would expect. I have a pair and I still can't seem to get the nack of them. I would recommend getting a used set, and make sure you take your time getting use and practicing with them.

Jimmy said...

yeah, i'll try and post one tonight.

i have a pair of numark TT1625, they're not that good, and the mixer is DM950, which is suspect as well. It's best to learn on good equipment, unlike my case lol. But they're som expensive, that's why I recommend you buy use.