Jam Master J Tribute

Jam Master Jay OF Run D.M.C. He was the DJ and its been 7 years since he died. He died on October 30, 2002. So I want to show how a couple of videos which are tributes to Jam master jay and of his work.
Check the video out.

dj premier, kid capri, grand master flash,dj jazzy jeff - tribute a jam master jay

Run D.M.C - Jam Master Jay

Jam Master Jay Vs Grand Master Flash - Mtv Weekly

R.I.P Jam Master Jay , A True Great.

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MalibuMara said...

yes RIP jay,
i agree he was great,
im sad that someone would just walkin and shoot him, wtf? people like that piss me off.

and yea i have twitter,
malibumaraa yes two a's..