JOJO Simmons - Top 5 MCs

Everyone this is a new type of posts coming to my blog. People top 5 MCs in hiphop dead or alive of all time. I have just started asking people. I ask Jojo simmons on twitter and he gave me his lists.


Jay Z


Jojo Simmons Twitter - http://twitter.com/youngsimmons


Anonymous said...

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and tell a friend lol

drewbreezzy said...

Pretty cliché list. Left his own pops out! Daddy would slap him. haha

Jimmy said...

yeah I kinda expected a more creative list out of him, I think maybe we should switch to top five favorite emcees. I know AllHipHop does the same thing, and all their lists are mostly the same.

HipHopCulture said...

Could man it was only a quick twitter message. Who else should I try asking? I could see if rest of blackout would and some their mc they do it with. Liek bonkaz , YoungJerz (who was on one of diggy tracks in his mixtape.

peace man