BET Hip Hop Awards - Cyphers

I know I posted this on my blog on Wednesday. I figured I'd post this on here. Joe Budden rips his part that's all I can say.


Jimmy said...

Everyone single emcee killed their verse, no one went weak. BUT LETS GIVE IT UP TO THE TANZANIA GUY, dude killed it!

HipHopCulture said...

Yeahhh it was funny but he killed it. I think I want to know i the last year Eminem has done so much new stuff like doing this with Mos Def Black Thought, doing LL Cool J "Rock The Bells" at VH1 Def JAm 25 years and being in Forever with drake etc.

I think Eminem change as he would not do things liek this a couple years ago. I want to see him with other artists in songs.


JUSTIN said...

im good man u?

Anonymous said...

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MalibuMara said...

i think the awards were pretty good this year,
i loved this.

Anonymous said...

Nikki killed it.


Jimmy said...

@jade Yellow

I cosign that, Nicki surprised me on here, I didn't give her a fair shot.

Nas said...

yeah i was suprised too. forgot to mention that in the post.