Albums Coming

This is the album I am looking forward to more than any. It is Rakim, the king to me. It is his
third solo album. It called "The Seventh Seal". It going to drop November 17, 2009 and Icant wait to buy it. I know its got Mario and Busta Rhymes on the album. He has drop to singles off the album so far which are "Holy Are You" and "I Walk These Streets". I think Rakim is a great Mc and one of the best of all time. So I know thiswill be a great album.

50 Cent is back with "Before I Self Destruct" and it coming out on November 23, 2009. I want to see what the new kind of 50 Cent is like. Fiddy said it going to be his best ever album. Will it be? Hopefully. Its got the lieks of Eminem, R-Kelly, Ne-Yo on the album. People like Dr Dre, Dj Premier, Timbaland have produces tracks for the album. I think it might be a good album. I have heard a couple of tracks which are off the album and they are dope.

Snoop Dogg is back with "Malice n Wonderland" which is going to drop December 8, 2009. It had two singles off the album but one was an promo. "Snoop Dog Millionaire" which was the promo track whihc drop in march this year and other is "Ganster Love" which came out Oct 6, 2009. I really think this will be a good album as its Snoop. He got people like Dr Dre, The Game, R-Kelly, The Dream on their.

First album Im going to talk about is The Game new album. Its called The R.E.D Album and it is out December 8, 2009. I really hope its not nothing like Game last album LAX as I thought it was not his best work and did not really like it. So I really want to hear this album and see Game at his best. It got some dope producers for it the likes of Cool & Dre, Kanye West, Dr Dre, Timbaland, Dj Khalil, The Neptunes. I only know at the mommnent people like Akon, Chris Brown and Timbaland as guest on the album. But im really looking forward to this album.

Next album is Lil'Wayne he is dropping two albums on the same day. Which is December 15, 2009. The albums are called Rebirth which is more of a rock rap album I been told. And Carter 4 which is the next carter album. On Rebirth he done a tracks with Fall Out Boy, Drake, Beastie Boys ( Dont Know if its true). He all ready drop two singles from Rebrith "Hot Revolver" and "Prom Queen". Carter 4 I dont know much about but I am guessing it will have Young Money and Cash Money artists on it as well. And I know Weezy had done a track with Gucci Mane which will be first single
Peace People.


Melisha said...

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Jimmy said...

Great write up! I too can't wait for rakim's album, along with the Clipse's new one.

JUSTIN said...

cant wait for the albums from weezy to drop man! and yea man those Y3 are fire but like u said mad expensive and i would like to cop me a pair of raf simons but also not cheap lol but those are fine!

daniel said...

yo heres the link to the watchs you wannaed to see.

daniel said...

lol naw man i dont have twitter i dont really get what its for. why?

MalibuMara said...

all i know is i want the new wale...
i might check the rest of these out

Zomik the Ransom Hero said...

Nice. Check out my blog and see whats up. Follow it.


A Kid Named TR3! said...

im waitin 4 tht snoop n game album the most ill think about 50