Interview With JEVON!

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
well umm, about me.. The name is Jevon, age 16. I've experienced many different names such as Jroc, Mr. Fresh. and now my current one KiD Fresh. I am really dedicated to a lot of things, Such as my passion fashion. dance is also something i love to do.. But i would say Fashion is something i am most Dedicated too. Thats pretty much about me. Im NOT like most kids, Because of my fashion taste and what im into. A black kid skating is like a white kid into some DMX rap. Buh hey i keep it original... Why would you want to make yourself like every other kid? haha =D.

2. Tell us a bit about your blog?
About the blog.. My main goal coming into this over the summer was to inspire at least one kid like Diggy inspires most of the teen population and all that. Inspiration is what keeps me going. I want to show everyone that follows my blog that you DON'T have to be rich and balling to become a talked about sensation, or The next big thing. if you stay true to yourself and chase after your goals.. You will be successful.

3. What made you make your blog?
Honestly... what made me want to do this was Diggy. After seeing what a success and how much he inspires people I wanted to try to do the same. Its crazy how i get things on myspace, Or Facebook saying "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" I never knew shit like that would happen for a kid like me.. hahaha.

4. How did you pick your blogs name?
I picked the name "Taste The Candy" because i wanted to just make something different, After being inspired to make a blog from Diggy i noticed a lot of people where just coming up with the same names just with a different name for example like "The life of a cool kid".. I didn't want to be like everyone else.. So i though hey why don't i combined a blog tittle with the name of a brand i want to make "Candy" and i just wanted to give you guys the "Taste" of my sense in fashion and all that stuff... and thus taste the candy haha=]

5. What kind of fasion are you in to?
What kinda fashion am i? I can't really just sit and say Oh I am this.. Theres many things I am. I can be daring one day with combining Skinny blue jeans with a dress shirt or like wearing the latest fashion from H&M. I Honestly can't just pick one... I just go with the flow.. but the thing is It has to look good. haha

6. Who is your favourite fasion designer?
I have many fav fashion desingers such as Ralph Luan, Victor Glemaud and many more.. But my Fav brand is Burberry.

7. What kind of clothing brands do you buy and why?
The type of clothing I buy and why is i buy anything thats not baggy, Stuff that is fitted.. and stuff that Im into.. things that don't describe what I am not. I buy these types of clothing because I want to give of the right impression, I like to give the look that i am a well educated kid for my age. Which i am.. You never know who you might run into so you always gotta look good =D.

8. What kind of music are you in to?
It all depends on my mood of the type of music i am into.. Theres no set types of music... I love Rap.. well not todays Rap.. I would say I am stuck in 80's and 90's rap.. Im into some rock... and for some reason I love LOVE Jazz haha.

9. Whats your Favourite song?
ummm right now my Fav song is So ambitious by Jay-z and Pharrell, One because it gives me that extra kick to go hard.. Two because.. ITS BY Jay-Z and Pharrell haha.. so many reasons why, Its just an inspirational song.. who wouldn't want to be ambitious to strive for their goals?

10. In five years time what do you want to be doing or studying?
Honestly in five years my name will be everywhere.. I don't mean to sound cocky.. But Im striving for success so hard.. and when you put your right foot ahead I know i can make it.. and thats what I've been doing this whole time.. I would prob be doing something with Fashion.. From running my line to being on magazine covers =D.. I hope.

11. Tell us about some of your sketches?
My sketches have really been based on the ladies for some reason... I've been really inspired by lady gagas looks and all that.. so I've been designing some stuff around her look and my taste.. I will drop some on the blog in time.

12. Is there anything new happening to your blog in the up coming months?
all i have to say is to my fans Stick around to the blog because we are just getting started, and you can anticipate there will be some fresh new changes That i KNOW you will love and be into =D. Im not going to say much.. But expect there will be some amazing new stuff.

13. Last is there anything you would like to say?
I would like to say thank you FOR this interview, and i hope we can record this. I think it would be better haha. also I would love to thank EVERYOnE who has stuck by me from day one in July.. To all my fans your the only reason why I am still here.. that and my passion for fashion... And again if your reading this, I just want to show you you can be successful, Just but time,Dedication and strive for what you believe in. This yah Boy Jevon Signing off thanks again Hiphopculture and all my fans.Pce&Love


JUSTIN said...

dope interview man really dope! jevon cant wait to hit u up on aim again

fatah fattah said...

Cool interview
Answer on 8. is kinda funny xD
But one thing not to bother you or something but i hear the name diggy alot even tough he is inspiring you can't focus every goal because he said something inspiring or he thinks its dope
Not to hurt youre feelings of something but it's just the way i see it.


Jevon said...

Diggy is a huge inspiration to me, however there are many more who inspire me in different ways. Just because Diggy did something not every goal i want to achieve is based on him. Not to sound like im gettin at you cuz im not, But I don't follow others. I follow in what i believe in and what i think is dope.. although it maybe similar, thats prob because we have the same taste. But I follow my own desires =D. thanks you guys for the comment, and htanks hiphopcultrue

Ms. King said...

great interview...

fatah fattah said...

Thank you for the answer Jevon and maybe it was stupid from me to think like that but i've turned my toughts about it :P


Missie said...

This is a really good interview.
I never got the chance to tell you but I really like you're blog name "Taste The Candy" because its really different from everyone else. The "Life of" is really killing me. And it just sucks people can be so unoriginal sometimes. Even the name "Hiphop Culture" is original;].

That was awesome of you HipHop culture to put this one you're blog and it was awesome of you jevon to take out the time and write it:).
Owow I loved it:)
Oh yeah,and bai:).

Hildi**** said...

ha this is cooll ..u are going to be famous one day jevon