Whos Year Has It Been So Far?

This is is a post about some artists who could be label as there year. I mean artists who have been the best and show why this year its been there year. There are many artists out there who been good this year but I have pick a couple and will talk about some.

Eminem he drop relapse early this year in May and it showed he was back. I think Eminem has show what he can do and even with this long time out of the game he can still do it. Relapse was Em sixth album and it was a classic. He made some great songs on the album the likes of Old Times Sake, Beautiful, 3 AM. I think as Eminem jsut said he putting a album out near the end of year but its Relapse again with 7 new songs. So he re doing it and showing people his new tracks. I think this is good as Relapse 2 will be out next year. I had to put Em up there on this list as his album was great, he done great things this year and he is dope overall.

Fabolous was back with his new album in july and it was called Loso's Way. Which hit hiphop up I think and I really think Fab made his game a lot better. Imma Do It, My Time, Feel Like I'm Back, were just some of the tracks on the album. I dont think there was a bad track on his album. He show the whole of hiphop he back to his best. I had to put him on the list as his album was so dope I thought.

Joe Budden I think should be on this list as he was dope in Slaughterhouse and drop a album as well. He is only 29 and seems been around for a longtime. Hiphop needs some one like Joe Budden in it. He adds something new as he got his style which he show this year. More people know about him this year I think. I put him in the list as I like Slaughterhouse album so much.

Well everyone knows what Jayz done this year. I think his latest album Blueprint 3 was dope as. One of the best albums of the year or the best I think. He has made some great tracks this year and done massive things in hiphop this year. I dont need to say much about Jay Z as your all know what he done. It might have been his year as he done so well?

Raekwon has been hot this year and I think album was great. So I had to add him to the list just for that. He is a god been around all a long time. His album was called - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II. It was dope album and he show he still got his skill and flow in it. He been very big this year I think and he shows his class in his album.

So Who do you think year been so far? Maybe someone else or someone who album aint out yet.



TOMO said...

YO! i totally agree with what your saying Jay is talked about alot more than lil wayne. Jay has also now got a wider variety of fans after the bp3 lots of my buddies wouldnt have listened to him before.
im gonna do a new post later check it out

Jimmy said...

How about it's just been HIP HOP's year so far! We've had a number of great albums and everyone is doing their thing, and it's quality stuff.

A couple of people who I think should make the list:

Gucci Mane: aside from the jail time, he's at the height of his career.

Clipse: Their clothing line is dope, and have given us hot singles all year.

Drake: personally I don't like him, but the dudes crazy hot right now.

HipHopCulture said...

Yeah could be added to the list. Even Young Jeezy? Jimmy you doing a post to day on this blog? Aint done for a while lol.


Ms. King said...

Jay-Z all the way...

Nas said...

finally got a twitter so hip hop culture follow.

Neve said...

i agree with all these.dope post.dope blog.
thnxx for commenting &following.

jaassnnaa said...

i`m crazy about eminem...:D

drewbreezzy said...

Wasn't feeling BP3 but this year has been all Jay.

Stephane 'thedoc' Elias said...

Personally, when I think of artists that took over the game this year a few names come to mind such as Jay-Z, Drake, Kid Cudi, Wale, Fabolous (just to name a few)