Mos Def

I never done a post about Mos Def before so I thought I would do one. He one of my fav emMCs of alltime, for many reasons. He is in a duo group with Talib Kweli. His Duo group is called "Black Star". They made an album in 98 and got one coming next year. But he more of a solo artists in hiphop. He is an actor as well. Four albums as a solo artist. His first was "Black on Both Sides" which had "mathematics"it was a single off the album and its dope. Then 2004 his second album drop called "The New Danger" its a very strong album I thought. In 2006 he made his third called "True Magic" and then his year his fourth album "The Ecstatic".

His tracks from Black Star the hit singles, "Respiration" and "Definition", which would go on to be featured in Vh1's 100 Greatest Songs of Hip-Hop. Mos Def says his influences were Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Poor Righteous Teachers, Lakim Shabazz ,De La Soul, Main Source, Chuck D, Boogie Down Productions and Afrika Bambaataa.

Which to me Mos Def is one of my fav emMcs as is style for one and his flow is great. He is very down to earth in his music. Great artist as well. He has started skateboarding and getting his own clothing line soon. Back to the hiphop he was on Def Jam Poety alot as he would show of his talent on there. I got his album his year I really enjoyed it.

My fav Mos Def Track below - Kaliforia



Zwagger.Kid!!?? said...

yo sup man i really want an interview from you cause like ever since you intervied jevon he has gotten or followers so can i please get an interview ill promote you on my blog

Nas said...

im a big fan of mos def. so im likin this post

Stephane 'thedoc' Elias said...

I like Mos Def. Black On Both Sides is classic!!! Ms. Fat Booty, Umi Says, May-December are my shiznit!!! :-) and I love the panties off of the New Danger LP. He makes great music!