Rakim - "The Seventh Seal" Review

This album has took me away back to the golden age of hiphop. This album is dope and I think everyone should check it out. Rakim shows off in everything single track how he still got it and showing his new style as well. His flow is still their and this album telling me check the golden age of hiphop. This album shows Rakim still got it and the game been missing him. As in the recnt years he only made cameos on a couple of tracks.

1. "How to Emcee" - the intro track in the album and its a great track to kick start the album. I think when you listen to the song you want to hear the rest of album. He uses very strong words in the song and its tellin you about emceein. Like past years he put in the song.

2. "Walk These Streets" (feat. Maino & Tracey Horton) - This was the second single off the album it drop like a of month ago. I put it on a weekend wave post I done like last month. It made me want to get the album. I think Maino done well with rakim in the track. The track is very solid one.
3. "Documentary of a Gangsta" (feat. I.Q.) - Wow this is one of the tracks I like the most. It shows a different style of Rakim more of a gangster version of him. It reminds me off 50 cent etc. Like tracks they would do. But its good to see Rakim doing a new type of track. I enjoy listening to this one as it was something new.
4. "Man Above" (feat. Tracey Horton) - I like the beat on this, as it links very well in with the song. I think Rakim goes very strong on the track as the words he uses in it. Also Tracey Horton does a good job in the song.
5. "You and I" (feat. Samuel Christian) - A solid track he done. He is rapping about some one but you can tell that from the title. He goes hard in the song and he shows his flow in it. Its good to see a track like this in the album and its a new style of Rakim.
6. "Won’t Be Long" (feat. Tracey Horton) - This maybe my fav on the album. He uses about his past in hiphop and where he has been also. And saying he still got it. This one of the key reason why I like the track. Its the second time on album Tracey Horton on a song. Its like a deeper Rakim on it.
7. "Holy Are U" - This was the first single, when I first heard it I did not know what to think of his album he was making. As the song you have mix views about it. As its such a new rakim on the track to his old work. But when I listen to it again I started to like it more. So I think it was needed in this style of the album.
8. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" - This shows what Rakim is all about how he can be away for so long and do such a great album. This song is great and shows Rakim is still the GOD. He raps about so power things like how he been away and why he is back. Which I back for doing this as it shows people why he is back. A dope song.
9. "Workin' for You" - A good track as it like the others and he says what he used to be like in hiphop. So how he has change as person fo hiphop I think. Shows how an artists knows when to have a break and improve their skills.
10. "Message in the Song" (feat. Destiny Griffin) - His flow is dope in this and he shows how he is a genuis. His flow in this song is not like any other on the album and Destiny Griffin does a great job in the song. Rakim words in it are very powerful and he shows his skill is still their. One of my fav songs I think.
11. "Put it All to Music" - Shows why he makes music and why he wants to still be here. Great song and to me it shows how he has improve as an artists. What he is doing better now on this track. This song repersents Rakim in hiphop.
12. "Psychic Love" - A other solid track on the album, as its like some of the other but still different. As he mixes his past and his love life in it abit. A good powerful track though. It shows he able to mix well.
13. "Still in Love" - I really enjoy listening to his as it is showing what the album is like as a whole. It saying what Rakim is and why he is it. The flow is in this track from the start to the end. Dope flow he has got. I think it was good for Rakim to have that long break from Hiphop now. After hearing this song. Shows Rakim back to his best.
14. "Dedicated" - This is a very strong track to finsh off the album as it shows he can do it in every track. And what hiphop have been missing in the recent years. The words are great for the beats of it. One the best songs on the album. I think after hearing his last track Rakim will have a other album for next year or year after?

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