What's Going On (Nov. 20th)

Alright first off forgot to post a what's going on yesterday. It's Friday and I'm going to wrap up another crazy week in hip hop. On my last post I talked about the Eminem Relapse: Refill check the tracklist at MathClassHeroes really waiting for that to drop on December 21st. Next, peep the Fabolous joint goes hard video is decent. Last, I know the Young Money video for Bedrock is going to be dope with that Real World theme. Looking forward to that they doing it big in that video. Tomorrow imma hit yall with another featured artist post. A whole bunch of other tracks, interviews and videos at MathClassHeroes.


jaassnnaa said...

i also like your blog and i will follow u...lol

crowned king music said...

bedrock video is goin to be hot. imma do it is my fravorite song off of loso's way