What's Going On (Nov.17th)

Tuesdays are always big days in music. With albums dropping. Of course I had to talk about Rakim's "The God MC" new album "The Seventh Seal" which dropped today. His first album in 10 years. I checked it out earlier he obviously still has mic skills. Its definitely worth a listen. Also Birdshit I mean Birdman's album leaked and I got to check out 4 My Town which is a pretty good track. But do you notice how Birdman always needs other artists on his tracks to carry the song. I'm really getting tired of this dude. And finally I checked out a 10 minute sneak peak of the upcoming Lil Wayne documentary. Definitely something to check out. If you want some more of this type of stuff check my blog MathClassHeroes.

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JUSTIN said...

wuddup.. yea man thats cool haha and u could send the interview to : Jdizzle@live.nl
than when i'm on a computer somewhere i can answer it man!