My Top 10 Hiphop Groups

10. De La Soul - Well where do I start they have done so many things in hiphop. So great old school tracks. So I had to put them on the list I really enjoy listening to their albums. I think its good to have a group like del la soul in hiphop. And their is a new album on the way next year I think. Which will be great.

9.Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - made so many track hits. They were the first hiphop group so I had to add them in the list. The message and white lines were out of this world very strong tracks I think. Many great albums they made. It showed a DJ could be in an hiphop grouop. Who better than Grandmaster Flash the best of alltime. Also they put in to the rock and roll hall of fame so that shows good they were.

8. Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - I could not do a list with out these two. You might say they should not be on the list or what ever. But I love every single album they have done. tracks like "Summer time", "Nightmare On My street" are dope and they done so many dope records. I think more than anything there style of music I like more than anything. As they were two young people who would do anything on a track. But now look at them. Dj Jazzy Jeff is one of the best djs in hiphop. Fresh Prince made a few solo albums which were good I thought.

7. Wu-Tang Clan - This is a group I dont know to much about. I've got like two of their albums and think they are agood group. They show people that you can have a lot of members in group and still do well in hiphop. Raekwon can spit all day long and method man is a class act. Also RZA , GZA and Goastface killa are dope. I know there is others in the group. I think they could be higher but I aint listen that much of their albums so I had put them in 7 place on the list.

6. A Tribe Called Quest - This group is hot they been around for a long time but show it in evey album or track they do its always dope. I think they are a great group and made hiphop rise up in music. Most people have heard of them and they always do there thing which is great. I think they are one of a kind. Every member in the group are dope and a talentI think. No one could do a list and leave them out. Q-tip is a genuis.

5. Outkast- Andre 300 and Big Boi are great as a team. They make some real dope track. Been around for a while now and I had to put them in he list. They are to good and very under rated I think. They always make good tracks I think. I have not got that many of their albums but that aint a promblem as I know how good they are. They would be in anyone top 10 hiphop groups. They got a new album on the way next year. I cant wait.

4.Eric B & Rakim - This is the best duo in hiphop history I would say. They made one of the bets hiphop album of all time "Paid In Full". rakim is a god MC and Eric B is a dope DJ. So it was the perfect match. Some of the tracks they made were class as the beats eric b would do then rakim would kill them. Made a few albums and they are dope. Check them out. I had put them high there one of my fav. People might say I put them to high but its my list. They had to be in the list so I wanted to put them high as they done great things.

3. N.W.A - Yes nwa they made gangster music in hiphop. It was Eazy E, MC Ren, Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Yella. I know they were a group who you heard bad things about sometimes. And when Dr Dre left. But they made so dope music like "Gangster Gangster", "Express Yourself" etc. I got a lot of their tracks on my ipod and was listen to them last night. I thought these should be high in on my list. They brought something new to hiphop I would say. All great MC but I want to say MC Ren never got the credit he should have. Also its a big loss Eazy E died. Still a dope ass group. R.I.P Eazy E.

2. Public Enemy - What a group they were genuis they could do anything. Flava Flav and Chuck D are two great MCs. They made this group what it is. All you have to do is listen to "He Got Game" then your know how good they were. PE made so many great albums and there still going strong today. I would say im a really big fan of PE and their album "Takes A Nation To Hold Us Back" is out of this world. Also PE style is dope. It's like they added a new part in to the hiphopworld.

1. Run D.M.C - To me these are the greatest hiphop group of all time. I got all there albums and they are dope. They made so many great tracks and been around for so long. They were one of the first hiphop groups ever. They made such an big impact on hiphop. With Run & DMC skills on the MIC and Jam Master Jay on the turntables it was the perfect group. They could do anything. As Eminem said when he in inducted them to the rock and roll hall of fame "If You Grew Up On Hiphop They Are The Beatles". To me there is no one in the world better. So it had to be Run D.M.C at number one. And R.I.P Jam Master Jay.


Nas said...

Like the list. suprised no one has commented yet.
different from mine

Stephane 'thedoc' Elias said...

Great list! :-)

MalibuMara said...

i like this list,
i would have put the beatie boys in here at like 10 lol

Jimmy said...

haha The Beastie Boys are a top three group people!

Jimmy said...

okay maybe top 5

Futuristic_TomBoi said...

you made some nice selections!