Big Sean

Big Sean is obviously a rapper from Detroit. Dude just has a great delivery it comes off so easily. I haven't been listening to him lately so he needs to come out with new stuff. Earlier this year I checked out his first mixtape from 2007 "Finally Famous. I've definitely heard the mixtape he put out this year called "U Know Big Sean". I feel like he'll be making major moves next year when his album drops and with Kanye on his side.
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HipHopCulture said...

Dopeee man. Yeah big Sean is freshhh. You heard of a young rapper called curtains?

Jimmy said...

Gotta love Sean, he was on a couple of Mike Posner's new tracks and also did a tight song with Detroit legend black milk earlier this year, which everyone should definitely check out.

Nas said...

yeah i kinda wanted u to change the layout too. but i didnt have any suggestions

Jimmy said...

well i just want to try a couple of things out and we'll see what works.

Tammy said...

come check out the new design of my blog


B.Magic said...

this guy is one of my favs
he gotta mad freestyle
feelin tha blog
check out mine


Stephane 'thedoc' Elias said...

Big Sean is DOPE!!! I'm still bumpin' his Finally Famous Mistape. He's definitely a talented MC