Featured Artist Kid Daytona

I wanted to do an artist spotlight on somebody I've really been feeling lately and that would be Kid Daytona. The first track I listened to him was called "Airborn" featuring Bun B. It's a real cool, laid back track that you can really mello into. His mixtape has been out a minute and really captures that laid back sound you hear throughout "Airborn".

"Airborn", The video for this is also real chill and laidback. It's got that old school NYC b-ball theme going on. It's really cool!

He's already dropped three mixtapes, A Tribe Called Fresh, The Daytona 500, and his latest one "Come Fly With Me". His music is really ill, and it's definitely worth you guys taking a look at. You can DOWNLOAD all three of mixtapes from his myspace at http://www.myspace.com/thekiddaytona!


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Nas said...

not bad. he gotta different style to him. ill check his mixtapes when i get the chance.