Top 10 MC's Ever List

10. Common
Why he should make the list: Common is a rapper from Chicago. He's consistently made good albums from 1992 until the present. He's pretty good lyrically. His music has always been real and he's underrated. His albums "Resurrection", "One Day It'll All Make Sense" and "Like Water For Chocolate" are all examples of why he should make the list. He just brings intelligent hip hop.
Why he should'nt make the list: Common's never really had that commercial success. His music isn't really mainstream even though everyone knows Common.

9. Kanye West
Why he should make the list: Kanye's another chicago rapper. Say what you want about Kanye. He doesn't make the list solely for his lyrics. What rapper makes music videos like this dude. What rapper produces all of his music. But don't doubt his lyrics he can suprise you. He has the full package and the swagger to be a rapper.
Why he shouldn't make the list: He still has things to prove with only 3 "rap" albums. How can I put him on this list. Well it's my list.

8. LL Cool J
Why he should make this list: Okay so maybe his music now is not that good. The dude has been making music since 1985. Over 24 years and he is still at least relevant in the hip hop world. That should be good enough to make the list. Back in the 80's this dude was known as one of the most lyrical dudes out. 13 albums.
Why he shouldn't make this list: He's not really made a good album since "Mama Said Knock You Out".

7. Rakim
Why he should make the list: Rakim is one of those first lyrical murders. I mean who hasn't quoted Paid In Full. I mean I'm not shocked by what most rappers in the 80's were saying but he was one of the few.
Why he shouldn't make the list: Rakim hasn't really stayed relevant in hip hop.

6. Lil Wayne
Why he should make the list: Okay this is the one everyone's gonna get on me for. But you can't deny Wayne. He's probably the biggest rapper now. He's been making music since 97 which is longer than some of the other people I put on this list. Lyrically he's one of the best ever. Doesn't even write his music down Can't leave him off the list.
Why he shouldn't make the list: His music seems to lack substance. He talks about the same things a lot. Doesn't make that real music. Until "Tha Carter 2 & 3" he didn't make a good album.

5. Eminem
Why he should make the list: Listen to "The Slim Shady LP" & "The Eminem Show". All I gotta say. Eminem is one of the best rappers ever. He brings something so different that no other rapper has brought before. Been doing it since 97. When I heard his first album it changed my opinion about rap. His music is very personal.
Why he shouldn't make the list: Don't really have a real reason. Sometimes his music is a little too crazy and dark.

4. Nas
Why he should make the list: Well we share the same name. Besides that Nas is crazy. Listen to "Illmatic", "It Was Written", some of "I Am.." and "Stillmatic". Illmatic is one of my top 5 albums it is just the essence of hip hop. Lyrically he's one of the greatest and on Illmatic he was only 19.
Why he shouldn't make the list: Lately I'm feeling he's lost that lyrical ability. I mean the stuff he spits is not as clever as it once was.

3. 2pac
Why he should make the list: 2pac just spoke to everyone in such a real way. His music was reflective of the street life. You could get confused with his music though. Because after he dropped "Keep Ya Head Up" his next single was "I Get Around" which were 2 songs that sent different messages. I've listened to every 2pac album all classics. He was taken to early. Definitely the realist rapper ever. Will never be forgotten.
Why he shouldn't make the list: He died didn't have the time to make more music. Never truly wowed me lyrically.

2. Jay-Z
Why he should make the list: First off 11 number one albums. What other rapper has done that. He's undeniably the most successful rapper ever. I was very close to naming him number one. Reasonable Doubt holds the title as my favorite albums ever. Jay-Z has one of the sickest flows of all time. He's a rapper who knows how to make music. Some rappers can rap but don't know how to make good music.
Why he should make the list: He's still good lyrically but on his new albums he isn't as good lyrically as he was on the early albums.

1. The Notorious B.I.G.
Why he should make the list: He's been dead for 12 years and lyrically no one can still touch him. His 2 albums are both in my top 10 rap albums I mean u can just listen to them and say he's best. He had everything a rapper supposed to have except maybe the looks even he knew "Heartthrob never, Black and ugly as ever."
Why he shouldn't make the list: He wasn't alive long enough.

Okay so that's my list. Jimmy and Hip Hop Culture gonna be coming through with their's soon. You can debate this list even I can debate this list.


MalibuMara said...

i would completely rearrange this list,

but anywho ralph lauren is kinda plain to me,
he's not as innovative as my favorite designers but he does he's own style well and thats what makes him very marketable .the general consumer wants to be things that he makes because they are wearable.

daniel said...

naw man i dont think so styll lol

Nas said...

everybody got they opinions thats what i expected.

drewbreezzy said...

I am sorry after No Ceilings Wayne is no where close to being in the top ten. And he can't keep saying bullshit and referring to a bull player.Once was enough it was dope now it is lame. He is a Lil Wayne Cliche ha what a feat.

I know everyone adores Nas and Pac but I don't care for them too much.

Other than that good list. Most people wouldn't have the balls to put West on it. I agree with you on LL that is one of my favorite all time albums.

Stephane 'thedoc' Elias said...

Good list but I am highly heated that you put Weezy on this list and that you didn't put Lupe on this list. Lyrically, Lupe shits on anyone in the game right now. The only reason why he's not a big success is b/c he talks about things of substance and often times his rhymes goes way over the heads of most listeners. Personally, he's my favorite rapper. And Food & Liquor & The Cool were CLASSIC!!! and if you still doubt his skills listen to the Say Something Freestyle he dropped like a week ago.

Nas said...

once again kanye and wayne were the only ones i had trouble putting on. lupe was like 12th for me so I know him. im bout to tell yall all the rappers that just missed the cut. so yall can say if they should make it or not.