Ideas Coming?

People, What kinds of things do you think I should add to the blog. I got couple of ideas but need more here is a list of some that I got at the momment.
- Interviews , If you want one ask me, Or got an idea someone I should try an interview tell me
- Reviews on books, Cds, artists , films, fasion
- Artists posts, about them and there music.
- Fasion, pictures
- Music Latest videos, tracks, albums, covers
- Asking people their top 5 Mcs , Albums, Hiphop Momments.

Anyone got any other ideas.?



Jevon said...

Music and Latest Vids haha
and interviews.. Still waiting for mine =P

MalibuMara said...

ooo noone has interviewed me yet,
why dont you post a list of the top selling albums each week and what people will be appearing on popular shows during the week

Nnamz said...

dnt really know.
you should post some music
and interviews with the ppl.
if you have those resources or ican an help.
but your blog is nice.
ahem. waiting 4 an interview.lol

B.Magic said...

you should go to youtube
and type in common ground-cut the check
its a dope song


Nas said...

planned to post something anyway. i post usually every 2 days.