Krs One

I wanted to do a post on Krs One for ages now. Just having the time to write it, so I thoight I would today. He is gifted MC in hiphop and is very well know in the hiphop world. He is know for being called the "the teacher" in hiphop. He first got notice for being in Boogie Down Productions which was a hiphop band. It was made in 1986 and it made 6 albums as a group. Their first was one of the biggest one. It was called "Criminal Minded" and I listening to it so much and it dope. Boogie Down Productions ended in 1992. So Krs One went solo act in hiphop.

He has had one of the most succesful careers in hiphop. He has made 14 albums as a solo artists. Yes 14 that is a lot of album I think. He made the albums in the sapce of 1992 to 2008. Hopefully we will see one coming in 2010. Krs One made a couple Collaborative Albums. His first was with Marley Marl and it was called "Hip Hop Lives". I think its a great album and some of the words in the tracks are so dope.
His second Collaborative Album came out this year with Buckshot and it was called "Survival Skills". Its only been out a couple of months. I got it like a week after it came out and I thought it was a great album. I made me think about hiphop in a different way.

Krs One been in the hiphop game now for 22 Years and I think in three years time. He will be in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. As he been around for so long and done a great job. Everyone in hiphip thinks he is a genuis and a dope MC as well. I got nearly all his albums on my Ipod. Krs one is an actor also and he written a couple of books. Which I've got a couple of and think they are dope.

Krs One Doing This Thing in The Videos.


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